ADTA-SA Inc. History

The ADTA-SA Inc was formed on the 23rd January 1967 (but was originally named the Institute of Professional Driving Instructors of South Australia). It became the Australian Driver Trainers Association of SA Inc. (ADTA SA) on the 10th March 1992.

The founding member’s motives for forming the association were: “ We feel we are already playing a vital role in driver education and subsequently road safety, and we aim in future to increase our contribution to these essential issues by raising the standard of professional driving tuition”

The ADTA-SA Inc is the largest representative body of professional driving instructors throughout this state.

Members are qualified current Motor Driving Instructors licence holders and follow the Association’s strict Code of Conduct.

We promote a professional standard of driver tuition to the general public offering them a lifetime of safe motoring skills and techniques throughout all classes of vehicles.

The ADTA-SA Inc is here to promote, protect the interest of motor driving instructors, to keep them informed of legislative and technical changes to the industry and training.  Further, the ADTA SA is committed to work with all related/associated government departments and organisations connected to road safety.

ADTA-SA Inc is the largest state body of professional driver trainers promoting “Safe Driving for Life”.

Hundreds of small businesses across South Australia are members for one reason alone.

That reason is to promote road safety and education for all South Australians.

Throughout South Australia these small businesses come together and assist in developing strategies and policies concerning licence regulations and safety to state government and associated departments.

Members of the ADTA-SA Inc are made up of road safety educators and practical driver trainers of all licence classes.

ADTA-SA 2023 Meetings

General Meetings:

  • 22nd of March
  • 21st of June
  • 20th of September

Annual General Meeting:

  • 22nf of November

Board Meetings:

  • 16th of January
  • 13th of March
  • 15th of May
  • 17th of July
  • 11th of September
  • 13th of November