ADTA-SA Inc. Privacy Policy

We are bound by the Privacy Act and the Australian Privacy Principals (APPS) which regulate the collection, use and disclosure of personnel information.

We reserve the right to review and if necessary change this Privacy Policy. We will post changes on our website. This Privacy Policy is on the website

Means of collection of members private information:

The completion of the ADTA of SA Inc. application & membership renewal forms.

These are completed by you the member and signed. (Name, contact details, qualifications, and services offered) and permission to enter certain information onto the website of general public enquiries.

Access and correction:

Members are to notify the office, in writing/email, of any changes to their original information throughout the membership year.

Complaints re this policy. In relation to how we use / disclose / manage or protect personnel information, please contact us in writing to The Wellington Centre, Suite 16, 2 Portrush Road, Payneham SA 5070.

Data security and retention:

This information is stored on the office computer, which has an access password.

The completed/signed forms are stored locked in a cabinet. Shredded after the 7 year required storage time.

Use or disclosure:

Only information obtained from members application or renewal form is added to the association website, or given to the general public if you the member has signed the permission section of the member forms allowing this to happen.

ADTA SA communicates with you by email, post or phone.

Related bodies:

Membership number, member’s name, state, postcode, business mobile, email address and Driving School name and membership renewal date are disclosed to the Professional Indemnity & Public Liability Insurance Broker and Car Insurance Broker

The Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure are notified of member’s insurance confirmation date, name & MDI number.

Members Business contact details are only given out to the general public, if you the member have signed the permission section of the member forms allowing this to happen.

Overseas data:

No contact details are supplied to overseas recipients

Policy distribution:

This policy is to be distributed with Application for membership to the ADTA-SA Inc.

Included in the Rules of the Association, and a copy on the ADTA-SA website in the members section.